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Online Language Courses for German Teachers

Online Professional Development Courses for Teachers of German in North America

Online Language Course for German Teachers
Sonja Tobias
If you are currently teaching German and want to further develop your German skills, we have the perfect fit for you. The Goethe-Institut's Online Language Courses for German Teachers give you the opportunity to improve your German skills and to discuss and exchange ideas with other teachers of German from across North America, all from the comfort of your own home. 

The course is structured as an eight-week group course with an estimated workload of three hours per week. During these eight weeks, you will meet up with your peers four times in the virtual classroom to discuss and debate, as well as to exchange lesson plans. In addition, you will complete assignments online at your own convenience and pace to practice your reading and writing skills. Throughout the whole course, a tutor will assist you and provide help and feedback.
Course topics and assignments are especially designed for German teachers, so the target audience are teachers at the B1, B2 or C1 level who strive to improve their German skills.
The course registration fee is 100 USD. However, when registering, you have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship that covers the registration fee. You can find more detailed information here.
Each course is offered in the spring, summer and fall. This year's spring courses will start running soon, but there are still open spots for summer and fall:

Dates for courses B1 and B2
  • 04/24 - 06/18 (registration deadline: 04/03/2017)
  • 10/02 - 11/26 (registration deadline: 09/11/2017)

Dates for course C1
  • 04/24 - 06/18 (registration deadline: 04/03/2017)
  • 10/02 - 11/26 (registration deadline: 09/11/2017)
If you are interested, please register here.