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CUSTOM CULTURE: Elvia Wilk's Oval

Custom Culture
Photo: Jude Beck/Unsplash, edited by Lena Kuhnt


If you're curious to read and hear more about what Germany’s cultural scene has to offer, from photography to music to film and the arts, follow the Goethe-Institut's blog "Custom Culture". The cultural centre's North American programmers let you in on what they are currently watching, reading, playing and making. Alongside their American and Mexican colleagues, Toronto Program Curator Jutta Brendemühl offers her insight into ongoing discourses and reveals hidden gems in this blog.  

Through a four-part essay series, Jutta Brendemühl delivers a book report in four shapes on the Berlin dystopia that is the recent hit novel Oval. How do you approach reading and thinking about a book that is, mysteriously, called Oval? Jutta takes up Brooklyn author Elvia Wilk’s challenge and follows form(s): looking for lines, triangles, squares, and the mysterious Oval to reveal some of the book’s central themes, from housing to sustainability to inequality in 21st century “creative” Berlin. 
Feel free to get the book from your library and follow along the series, or try your own “graphic” approach on your current reading list.  

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