German Films @ Toronto Jewish Film Festival 2021

kiss me kosher
Kiss Me Kosher", X Verleih, DFF © Fireglory Pictures, Photo: Amit Gilboa


Presented by TJFF with the Goethe-Institut Toronto

The digital Toronto Jewish Film Festival 2021 will feature three new German and Swiss (co-)productions the Goethe-Institut is pleased to co-present:
Kiss Me Kosher by Shirel Peleg  (Germany/Israel, 2020, 101min)
Moran Rosenblatt (Wedding Doll, Fauda) stars in this delightfully subversive comedy that mines interfaith and cross-cultural relationships against a specifically Israeli backdrop. Before she can marry Maria, her non-Jewish, German girlfriend, Shira must first convince her family that Maria’s family were “good Germans” during the war. Grandmother Berta is vehemently opposed to a Jew marrying a German, though she herself is in a clandestine relationship with a Palestinian. When Maria’s parents arrive in Israel, the two families must overcome their vast cultural and religious differences, all of which are captured on video to full comic effect by Shira’s younger brother who documents their interactions for a school project.
Frieden/Labyrinth of Peace by Mike Schaerer (Switzerland, 2020, 270min)
A gripping miniseries and family saga that effectively challenges the myth of Switzerland’s neutrality during the war. Looking towards a bright postwar future, Johann is poised to modernize his future father-in-law’s troubled textile company while Klara, his fiancée, cares for displaced Jewish children who have reluctantly been granted refuge in the Swiss countryside. Johann’s brother Egon is employed by the Attorney General’s office to capture Nazi fugitives. All three quickly discover the façade of Switzerland’s neutrality and that their future success depends on ignoring or actively colluding with former war criminals.
Das Unwort/The Un-Word by Leo Khasin (Germany, 2020, 89min)
The challenges of modern multiculturalism are explored with a deft satirical touch in Leo Khasin’s (Kaddish for a Friend, TJFF2012) film based on his experience of growing up Jewish in Berlin. After an altercation between an Iranian, Palestinian and Jewish student, the parents of the three boys are called to the school by their teacher to resolve the situation. Though full of good intentions, their teacher inadvertently exposes her own misguided assumptions to hilarious effect, complete with snacks decorated with Palestinian and Israeli flags. Though written with a light touch, the film explores the complexities of finding a common language in the fight against intolerance.

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