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The Karrierebus invites teens and young adults to learn about different educational paths in Germany. They learn about the special features of the German dual apprenticeship system, accompany students in their everyday university life and discover groundbreaking inventions from research centers in Germany.

With the help of a small test, the young people can find out for themselves which educational path would be more suitable for them.


To receive a code that allow you to access the bus with your students, please contact us:

Vera Degtyarenko, Goethe-Institut Montreal

Karrierebus Studium © Kids Interactive

University Studies

Most people probably know that the costs of studying in Germany are very low. Luckily you can't say the same about the quality of a German university degree. German universities rank among the best in international comparison, and a German university degree is highly regarded worldwide. In the bus you have access to videos that show you different aspects of studying in Germany.

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Quite a few inventions are German - book printing, chip cards, contact lenses, the air bag - all pretty useful stuff. Internationally, Germany ranks among one of the countries that invests most in research and development. The high investment and the achievements in German research transform the country in a desired destination for foreign researchers. In the bus, you can learn more about recent German inventions.

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The German-style apprenticeship system is admired around the world for its effectiveness in training young people in over 300 different professions. After graduating from school, you can start working in a company where you will have hands-on training, while at the same time, you will attend a college that teaches the theory. And the best part: You will start earning money while you learn new skills! In the bus, you can follow some young participants of this program in Germany.

Karrierebus Quiz © Kids Interactive


Explore the bus and find the pretzels that are hidden inside. You have to answer all the questions related to the videos correctly to get them. Good luck!