IDT 2017 in Fribourg

A group of people debates Photo: Christoph Thorman -

At the International Conference of German Teachers (IDT), language is combined with culture, teaching with learning, and exchange with opinion forming. The IDT will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017. The series of articles relating to the conference in the Swiss town of Fribourg reflects current trends in German as a foreign language and invites readers to share their ideas and experiences.

Under the banner “Building Bridges – Connecting with German”, the 16th International Conference of German Teachers will be taking place from 31 July until 4 August. Fribourg/Freiburg was selected as the venue – a town on a language border that serves as a bridge between language cultures. The Goethe-Institut is awarding grants to enable teachers of German from all over the world to take part in the event, which is the largest international conference on the German language and the diversity of German-speaking cultures.
With approx. 700 papers, nine expert panels, 36 sections and an extensive cultural programme, the IDT will be making a crucial contribution to the development of GFL teaching, and to the way teachers perceive their own role. A resolution presented at the conference will underline its desire to be a forum not only for exchange but also for language policy commitment.
Magazin Sprache is devoting an entire series of articles to this broad spectrum, designed to pick up on some of the topics raised at the IDT: the way the teaching profession views itself and is viewed by others; controlled versus uncontrolled language acquisition; cultural learning through literature; teaching with digital media and self-evaluation on the basis of practical examples, to name but a few. The different types of article reflect the diversity of topics: everything from more essayist formats and theoretical explanations to practical tips and a multimedia report.
We hope you will find the articles fascinating and inspiring!