Window Projections Deep Water Cultures

Anuk Miladinovic "Dream" © Anuk Miladinovic

Thu, 11/23/2017 -
Sat, 02/24/2018

Goethe-Institut Montreal

Window Projections curated by Tina Sauerländer

Daily, from sunset to midnight.

Projected on the Goethe-Institut's windows on St-Laurent Boul. and Ontario St.

Water, often referred to as the essence of life, is also the foundation of the cultural development of humans. Today water is used, applied and presented in a multitude of ways. The works by the artists Jonas Blume, Marte Kiessling and Anuk Miladinović center on the topic how humankind handles its most important element.

This exhibit shows how three artists from Germany reflect on water and the multitude of ways in which it is used, applied and presented today. Jonas Blume’s topic are the cultural representations of water between reality and virtual reality, realism and idealisation, Anuk Miladinović creates and overlays film sequences that show the different cultural uses of water. The window-like landscape collages by Marte Kiessling from rural Camac in France make nature appear as a place of rest and meditation in our time. The title of the exhibit, DEEP WATER CULTURES, mirrors the cultural urge to manage and influence nature, and simultaneously summarizes the artistic concepts about the cultural handling of water that are on display here. - Tina Sauerländer, curator
  • Jonas Blume "ISO-E-Super" © Jonas Blume
    Jonas Blume "ISO-E-Super"
  • Malte Kiessling "Camac" © Malte Kiessling
    Malte Kiessling "Camac"
  • Anuk Miladinovic "Dream" © Anuk Miladinovic
    Anuk Miladinovic "Dream"

The films can also be seen on our project website until February 24, 2018