Multidisciplinary Work L'Outre-Rêve

L'outre rêve © Symon Henry

Thu, 09/09/2021 -
Sat, 10/09/2021

Salle Pierre-Mercure

Transborder coming-of-age-tales

A production of Ensemble contemporain de Montréal
Salle Pierre-Pierre :
September 9 at 7:30 pm
Regular : $ 30
Seniors : $ 25
Students, artistique community, composers : $ 20
Solidaire : $ 50
Tickets Livestream on September 9 at 7:30 pm
Regular : $ 15
Solidaire : $ 30
Tickets * Webcast from September 11 to October 9
Regular : 15 $
Solidaire : 30 $
Show Description
A large-scale multidisciplinary show combining orchestral and electroacoustic creations, dance and vocal art, visual arts and poetry, L’Outre-rêve borrows the voice and form of the initiatory narrative written by poet and composer Symon Henry—recently a finalist for a Governor General's Literary Award—and explores the relationship between memories, bodies and identities, beyond borders.
In a mesmerizing and unrestrained voice, these themes are conveyed by four archetype characters inspired by Henry’s origins steeped in a cultural heritage blending East and West. The Vieux Clown, Louve que j’aime, Djinn l’éphémère and Nour d’Outre-rêve call out to each other over the projected sounding pictures, in turn, present the four new works for ensemble commissioned for the occasion to composers Symon Henry, Annesley Black, Myriam Boucher and Snežana Nešić.
On stage, the ECM+, its conductor, soprano Sarah Albu and three soloists in perpetual mutation transport the audience into a dreamlike world that ignores borders and give life to myriad creations that are as enigmatic as they are unpredictable.
4 multidisciplinary new works:
Annesley Black (DE / CA): peripheral exploder *
Myriam Boucher (CA): Recommencement
Symon Henry (CA): L'amour des oiseaux moches
Snežana Nešić (DE / SR): Inverted light *
Sarah Albu, vocal art
Émilie Girard-Charest, musical saw and cello
Matti Pulkki, accordion
Lucie Vigneault, dance
ECM+: 9 musicians conducted by Véronique Lacroix