Courses for Teenagers and Children

Courses for Teenagers Photo: Goethe-Institut/Bernhard Ludewig


Join our exciting and interactive courses for teenagers (13-17). Learn German and discover the language and the contemporary culture.

Dates & Prices

German for Teenagers and Children

Weekly classes on Friday afternoons
Three different levels for teenagers: First Steps in German & Pump Up Your German & Pump Up Your German A2/B1
The Course for Children requires previous knowledge of German
Course fee: $490

We offer language courses for teenagers, ages 13 through 17, for absolute beginners, students with previous knowledge of German who want to practice or improve their language skills, and students who already are at an A2/B1 level. Our children's class is geared towards children between the ages of 7-10 and requires previous knowledge of German. Courses meet Friday afternoons at the Goethe-Institut Toronto.
Our courses for teenagers and children are taught by specially trained instructors with modern teaching methods and textbooks and materials that are adjusted to the particular needs and interests of young learners. In the classroom you will use the newest technology like smartboards and iPads. You will learn more about current life in Germany and contemporary German culture through videos, music and games.
The course First Steps in German is for all teenagers who do not have previous knowledge but want to learn the basic skills to communicate in German.
Our second course, Pump Up Your German, aims at all young learners who already know a bit of German and would like to practice and improve their language skills with their peers.

The third course, Pump Up Your German A2/B1, aims at teenagers with a German level at A2/B1 who want to improve their German even further.