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Teach at the Goethe-Institut
Grünes Diplom

In its efforts to expand its language course offerings, the Goethe-Institut is looking for college/university graduates who are interested in becoming certified as instructors of German as a Foreign Language (DaF – Deutsch als Fremdsprache). The Goethe-Institut is offering a continuing education program for this certification. The Grünes Diplom is the worldwide standardized certification for DaF instructors at Goethe-Institut locations abroad. Candidates must have a valid work permit for Canada.

Professional development and training for German teachers and tutors at the Goethe-Institut

The training as a German teacher at the Goethe-Institut leads to the Grünes Diplom certificate, a globally standardized qualification for teachers of German as a foreign language at Goethe-Instituts abroad. The holders of Grünes Diplom are eligible to teach the entire course portfolio of the Goethe-Institut. German tutors teach exclusively online and blended learning courses.

phases of continuous education and training

Gruenes Diplon EN costs

Your financial contribution to the training program is the cost of the DLL modules.

admission requirements

admission requiremends GD Application and selection process

The Goethe-Institut is committed to the equal treatment of sexes in the workplace. The Goethe-Institut is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Candidates must have a valid work permit for Canada.

Please fill out the application form and send us your application materials:

Application form
A written agreement is signed between the participant and the Goethe-Institut about participation in the continuing education program.