"Bowling for Communism" English Language Book Club

Bowling for Communism Author Andrew Demshuk Photo: Gunnar Klack

Thu, 01/28/2021



ZOOM Event

Book Cover Cornell University Press

Join us on Thursday, January 28th for an evening with Andrew Demshuk. 

Author and academic Andrew Demshuk will present his new book, Bowling for Communism: Urban Ingenuity at the End of East Germany (Cornell University Press, 2020), which investigates how local officials and residents sought to combat urban decay and fashion a livable city before Leipzig’s Peaceful Revolution in 1989.

Professor Demshuk will be joined by GDR expert John Paul Kleiner to discuss the book and investigate the wider context of urban renewal in Germany today. Thier discussion will be followed by an audience Q&A so register for the event, buy the book, and get reading! 


Bowling for Communism Author Andrew Demshuk Photo: Andrew Demshuk Andrew Demshuk 
(American University) researches post-1945 Central European history. Through generous support from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, German Academic Exchange (DAAD), Humanities Center for East-Central Europe in Leipzig (GWZO), and American University, he has researched the forced migration, integration, and nostalgic memory culture of Germans expelled from postwar Poland, as well as the postwar politics of urban planning and demolitions in West Germany, East Germany, and western Poland.

John Paul Kleiner Photo: John Paul Kleiner John Paul Kleiner
is the creator of the GDR Objectified blog and a contributor to the Radio GDR podcast. He has an MA in History from York University and has lived and worked in eastern Germany.