Film Festival Cabaret @ Toronto Outdoor Picture Show

Filmposter Cabaret © 1972 Allied Artists-ABC Pictures

Thu, 07/19/2018

Corktown Common Park

155 Bayview Ave

Presented by TOPS with the Goethe-Institut

CABARET (USA 1972, 124 min) musical drama directed by Bob Fosse, with Liza Minelli, Michael York, Helmut Griem, Joel Grey, and others.

8 Oscars at Academy Awards 1973
3 Golden Globes 1973, 6 Nominations
7 BAFTA Awards 1973, 4 Nominations
National Society of Film Critics Award 1972

1930s Berlin was a place and era of stark contrast. While the Nazis gradually rose to power and threatened anyone who didn't fit in, bohemians and dreamers flocked to cabaret theatres that embraced difference and hedonism – a lost universe most recently resurrected by Tom Tykwer's Babylon Berlin. By now a classic. A masterwork collaboration between Bob Fosse, Liza Minnelli, and Joel Grey, Cabaret likewise invites us to the fabulous “Kit Kat Klub”, an underground haven where the fantastical, queer, and macabre are celebrated.
©Du Barauna

"The first musical ever to be given an X certificate, Bob Fosse's Cabaret launched Liza Minnelli into Hollywood superstardom and reinvented the musical." – BBC

"Satanically catchy, terrifyingly seductive ... directed and choreographed with electric style... Cabaret is drenched in the sexiest kind of cynicism and decadent despair." – The Guardian

"Cabaret changed the way the American film-going public viewed the musical as a genre, and its influence is still felt in the way in which song and dance are integrated into modern films. There's nothing dated about this jaundiced view of between-the-wars Berlin and the ambisexual goings on of its inhabitants." –

Preceded by the short film: She Stoops to Conquer by Zachary Russell
In She Stoops to Conquer, a Toronto drag performer stumbles across a doppelgänger of her on-stage persona. Is it lust, or mere kinship born of seeing yourself reflected? Life and love are both cabarets, ol’ chum.

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