Concert Electroacoustic Jazz Trio Konk Pack @ Guelph Jazz Festival

Thomas Lehn © Ariele Montis

Fri, 09/14/2018

1:30 PM

Guelph Jazz Festival

For over twenty years, the international trio Konk Pack has toured throughout Europe and North America to play its energetic electroacoustic improvised music, documented on five recordings.

German analogue synthesizer player Thomas Lehn was featured at the 2017 festival, where he demonstrated an amazing command of an instrument capable of a bewildering range of sounds and timbres. Roger Turner’s quicksilver drumming generates enormous flows of momentum and dynamics without ever falling into predictable patterns. Tim Hodgkinson, best known for his membership in Henry Cow, contributes a radical set of musical resources with the unconventional instrumentation of lapsteel guitar, clarinet, and electronics.

Together, what distinguishes Konk Pack from much improvised music is the intense focus, the undeniable energy, and the long-wrought group rapport at the root of the group’s sound. Their capacity to sculpt noise into extraordinary musical shapes that flow and change in satisfying ways is nothing short of wonderful.

Supported by the Goethe-Institut