Tobias Herzberg in "Feygele" @ the Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin Nihad Nino Pusija c fotofabrika

Sat, 02/23/2019

6:00 PM

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre / In the Chamber

Gorki Berlin solo at Buddies in Bad Times

Supported by the Goethe-Institut
Tobias Herzberg is a guest of the Goethe-Institut

The English term "faggot" is connected to the Yiddish "feygele" which originally meant "little bird". From the Yiddish bird came the English insult, later a proud battle cry of gay subculture. In this solo performance, Tobias Herzberg digs beneath the labels he’s been assigned – gay, Jewish, German, romantic, nymphomaniac, and uncircumcised – to create a militant hymn for the perverted and marginalized of this world.

Tobias Herzberg (born 1986 in Hamburg, Germany) studied directing at the Drama Academies Hamburg and Zurich. He has supervised several youth projects at Schauspielhaus Hamburg, among others, and has worked as an assistant director for Jürgen Gosch, Karin Henkel and René Pollesch. At the start of the 2017/18 season Tobias Herzberg became artistic director of the Gorki's Studio Я.

The Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin is Germany’s first "post-migrant" state theatre and an artistic gathering space for the rapidly changing face of the new Berlin.

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre is the world's largest and longest-running queer theatre company with a 40-year history of presenting radical artwork from marginalized voices. Buddies’ annual Rhubarb Festival is a celebration of queer art that defies gender, genre, and the limits of performance.

Ted Witzel, who invited the work, is a co-founder and the artistic director of Toronto theatre company "the red light district". Witzel has spent the past 10 years between Toronto and Berlin building artistic and cultural connections between the two cities, and particularly the Gorki and Buddies. He was the recipient of the Goethe-Institut’s directing residency at the Gorki Theater in 2010.
Tobias Herzberg / creator & performer
Markus Karkhof / stage & costume design
Sasha Marianna Salzmann & Dustin Hofmann / dramaturgy
Monica Marotta / project manager
Felix Scharr / tour manager