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            Bergkristall: Level A2

Zoom Link Bergkristall ©Hueber Christmas? No, on this 24th of December there is only snow on top of the high mountains. Nevertheless, Konrad and his sister Sanna are happy. Because it is so warm, they are allowed to hike over to their grandparents in the neighbouring valley. In the evening they want to be back home with their parents, but on the way back it suddenly snows very heavily. Everything quickly turns white. The children can no longer see the landscape or find their way. Further and further they climb up into the mountains until there is only ice and snow all around them. Silent night, holy night, freezing night. Will it be their last?



Porträt Marje Zschiesche-Stock Photo: Michael Miethe Marje Zschiesche-Stock is a teacher and teacher-trainer at the Goethe-Institut Toronto. She is an expert in the use of new media in the language classroom.