Window projections - from sunset to midnight The Viral City | Confinement.lands

Photo 2 © Cinzia Campolese, Photo: Monik Richter

Mon, 03/08/2021 -
Wed, 03/31/2021

Goethe-Institut Montreal

Extended until March 31, 2021!

In August 2020, we invited video artists from Canada and Germany to submit their ideas on the topic "The City in Times of the Virus": Will nature reconquer the inner cities? How do social rules and medical hygiene rules affect our bodies? How will we move in the urban space? How will we interact in the era of social distancing? - The eight selected videos will be projected after dark onto screens placed in the storefront windows of the Goethe-Institut Montreal on Boulevard St. Laurent until March 2021.

Directed by Cinzia Campolese

About the film
Confinement.lands is a project started during the confinement period. It consists of a corpus of works, one of which is a video triptych piece created using recordings of photogrammetries taken during the confinement period from a web platform (Display land), that depict confinement houses, places and people all over the world. The piece aims to propose an outlook towards the reappropriation of intimate spaces and the disappearance of the role of urbanism, replacing it fully with a virtual one. The shutdown of a big part of our capitalistic machine has created an empty meaning in our constructed public spaces, neighbourhoods, streets and playgrounds, and has put the focus on the important concepts of our already damaged social structure: from the notion of time and hysterical mass consumption and production to the ultimate expansion of our social-economical inequalities.

About Cinzia Campolese
Cinzia Campolese is an artist who lives and works in Montreal. Her work includes the creation of audio-visual environments and generative pieces that question the concepts of perception and awareness of a space. Working on different scales, she questions the ubiquity of certain visual elements that are part of our cultural genetics. Her artworks were exhibited at cultural institutes, galleries and in cultural events such as Stereolux, B39 space, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, Biennale Chroniques, Biennale Nova XX and Mutek Montreal.

 In her recent bodies of works, Campolese has been working on the creation of interactive pieces and light sculptures, like “Error” and “Frame of Reference”, for which she received the Art Collector prize in November 2019. Her projects were featured on The Creators Project (Vice), L'Œil, Juliet Art Magazine, Archdaily, Fubiz and she was included in the 2019 Exibart book 222 emerging artists worth investing in.

Jury statement

Confinement.Lands is a striking journey around the world reconfigured by the pandemic. The photogrammetries that people of all ages and on every continent have made available are as bizarre as they are touching, as astonishing as they are intimate. The way Cinzia Campolese compiled the extremely diverse range of spaces and situations in which people around the world experience the confinement creates a fascinating cartography and ultimately even a new sense of community within the isolation. (Anna Lena Seiser)

Photo 1
© Cinzia Campolese