Film series G.W. Pabst : Masques et solidarités

G.W. Pabst : Le Drame de Shanghai © Tamasa Films

Fri, 06/03/2022 -
Sun, 06/26/2022

Cinémathèque québécoise

From June 3 to 26, we're pleased to partner with the Cinémathèque québécoise and Panorama-cinéma magazine to present one of the most important retrospectives ever devoted to G.W. PABST, director of The Joyless Street, The Mysteries of a Soul, Loulou, Diary of a Lost Girl, Four of the Infantry, The Tragedy of the Mine, The Shanghai Drama, Paracelsus, It Happened on July 20th and The End of Hitler among other must-see and little-known gems.

The career of Pabst, the only filmmaker to have worked for both Warner Bros. and the Third Reich, was marked by censorship and exile, his films butchered for both religious and political reasons. This retrospective aims to put into context the unique and tumultuous trajectory of the man once considered the best European director and the most socialist of German filmmakers.

To achieve this, Panorama-cinéma and the Cinematheque and their collections have gathered as many films as possible in their integral form and will also present censored copies or copies adapted for different national releases in order to show the history of the transmission of these works through the storms of the century.

The retrospective covers 20 films, the majority of them in film form, gathered through a treasure hunt conducted during the last two pandemic years.

To go with it, Panorama-cinéma has prepared a 100-page color printed souvenir program, containing articles, photos and posters to help approach the 20 selected works. The book, sold for $12 at the Cinematheque's reception desk, also includes special collaborations and the inclusion of texts, unpublished in French, written by G.W. Pabst during the 1930s, as well as a comic strip by Saturnome (responsible for the book's poster and layout) recounting Pabst's migratory misadventures in America.

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