Film Als wir träumten (Ottawa)

As We Were Dreaming Photo: Rommel Film-Pandora Film

Fri, 06/09/2017

Amphitheater, Saint Paul University

223 Main Street
inside Saint Paul University
K1S 1C4 Ottawa

As We Were Dreaming

As We Were Dreaming
(Als wir träumten)
Director: Andreas Dresen, 117 min., 2013/15
Just a few years previously, Dani, Rico, Paul and Mark had still been schoolchildren in the GDR, subject to ideological constraints, but also secure in their manageable daily lives. After German reunification, there no longer seem to be any rules. The friends enjoy their private anarchy, go out at night in Leipzig, speed through night-time streets in stolen cars drunk, take drugs, go on the rampage and enjoy their acts of vandalism. They open a disco, which fails after a year due to Nazi violence.

Rico messes up his career as a boxer, Paul deals in pornography; Mark loses his life, Dani the love of his life. AS WE WERE DREAMING tells the story of a lost generation that unknowingly became the victim of reunification.