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German Pavilion

Offizielles Poster von TCAF 2017 © Jeff Lemire At this year’s Toronto Comic Arts Festival we are going to present a German Pavilion, which will feature three German comic artists along with other representatives from the growing German comic scene. TCAF is North America’s largest comic arts festival and a great opportunity to get in touch with international artists and their work.
Martina Schradi, Anna Haifisch and Ulli Lust are going to be our guests and will present their work at the German Pavilion and participate in various events and panel discussions.

Ulli Lust (1967) was born in Vienna and lives in Berlin. She studied Graphic Design and draws graphic novels and comics for adults. She received the Ignatz Award for “Best Graphic Novel”. “Voices in the Dark” (Flughunde) is her most recent graphic novel.

Martina Schradi (1972) lives in Nuremberg and is a psychologist, comic artist and author. With her comic collection “Oh, I see?!”, in which she depicts the life stories of LGBT*I, she tries to create awareness for their lives and the obstacles they often have to face. The book was translated into several languages and also exists as an exhibition that can be ordered and shown to the public.

Anna Haifisch (1986) was born in Leipzig. She studied illustration and has resided in New York City. She publishes the ongoing series “The Artist” on vice.com and her popular graphic novel “Von Spatz” tells the story of artists in a sanatorium in the United States. Haifisch currently lives in Leipzig.

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