Film Home for the weekend (Ottawa)

Was Bleibt © Gerhard von Foris

Fri, 10/13/2017

Goethe-Institut Ottawa

223 Main Street
K1S 1C4 Ottawa

Was Bleibt

Goethe-Cinema Ottawa

Dir.: Hans-Christian Schmid, Germany, 88 min., 2012, with: Corinna Harfouch, Lars Eidinger, Ernst Stötzner, Sebastian Zimmler, Egon Merten, Picco von Groote

German with english subtitles.

A family that seems fine on the surface, an extended weekend in the summer – afterwards, nothing will ever be as it was. Günter and Gitte live in a grand house out in the country and are looking forward to their son Marko’s visit, who is bringing along their grandson Zowie from Berlin. The kids have made something of themselves: Marko may be embarking on a career as a writer; his brother Jakob runs a local, modern dental clinic. Everything seems orderly and secure – until Gitte, who has been suffering from depression for many years, claims she has recovered and has stopped taking her medication. The other family members see this as a threat to their interests, the façade of the apparently happy family crumbles, and Grandma disappears.

"Melancholy, affecting and tender without being sentimental" - Hollywood Reporter