Conference Expo '67 - the German pavilion and the architect Frei Otto

The German pavillon at the Expo '67 © Frei Otto / Samuel Fournier

Sat, 09/30/2017

Goethe-Institut Montreal

1626 boul. St-Laurent
Bureau 100
H2X 2T1 Montréal

Remembering the German pavilion

Inspired by nature, the architect Frei Otto and his team have inspired many.

Canadian Creative Designer and “Archineer” Samuel Fournier has acquired, after 15 years of intense interest as well as 10 years living and working in the domain in Germany, a unique expertise in advanced architectural design, specialized in lightweight structures.

A revolutionary architecture, structurally efficient and inspired by nature, as developed by German architect Frei Otto and his team at the Institut for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design in Stuttgart. His German Pavilion (GDR) for the Montreal Expo '67 is a good example of this type of structure, and became his first project of magnitude with these techniques.
Learn more about Frei Otto and his lightweight structures, and discover the advantages of this type of architecture.
As part of the Journées de la culture. In collaboration with Lightweight Structures Group SA