The application period for the Goethe Talents Scholarship has begun!
Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs 2018

Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs 2018
© Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs 2018

Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs 2018  ---  The  application  period  for the  Goethe  Talents Scholarship  has  begun!  ---  Applicationperiod: March 26 - April 22, 2018 --- Goethe Talents Program: August  8  - 18,  2018  in  Berlin (Germany)

Pop-Kultur   is  a   festival  for  Berlin,   a   laboratory   for  young,   international pop culture talents and a unique and open-minded space for Berlin‘s music and creative industries. Organized by the Musicboard  Berlin, Pop-Kultur 2018 offers  more than 80 premieres in the form of concerts, readings, talks, DJ-sets and film screenings.
Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs is one of the main parts of the festival. About 250 young pop culture newcomers of all disciplines will be introduced to ways of starting a professional career in the music and creative industries through workshops, lectures and networking  options.
In cooperation with local creative businesses and relevant international personalities, Pop-Kultur presents pioneering trends in pop culture. Pop-Kultur 2018 takes place from August 15th – 17th at Kulturbrauerei  Berlin.

Goethe Talents Scholarship - Call for Application 

Are you a young musician, DJ, composer, singer-songwriter or instrumentalist and between 20 and 30 years of age? Do  you want to work professionally in the music  field,  create  or  develop  your  own  label  or  booking  agency,  or  do  you  want  find out how  to focus your musical talent? If you have already gained some experience in your field,  Goethe  Talents  Scholarship  will  help  you  to  reach  the  next  level. We are  particularly  looking  for  talents  from  the  Global  South,  the  Middle  East and   (Central) Asia.
Pop-Kultur,  in  cooperation  with  the  Goethe-Institut,  offers  a  variety  of activities  to  experience  the  „music  city“  Berlin  before  the  actual  Festival: Studio visits, jam-sessions, short traineeships in selected companies of Berlin‘s creative industries, listening  sessions  and  meetings  with  scholarship  holders  of the Musicboard Berlin GmbH, visiting concerts, as well as many  other activities  will be taking place during the week before Pop-Kultur.
Furthermore, you will be joining the Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs program, which takes place on August 15th and 16th at the Kulturbrauerei Berlin.  International professionals give insight into their work and share their knowledge  through workshops, case studies and talks with you: lively and interactive instead of dry lectures.

Once more the program offers places to talents from all over the world, so you      will  be  able  to  network  across  borders.
In addition, you will get a chance to perform on the Nachwuchs-Stage during the Pop-Kultur Live program.
The application phase starts on March 26th and ends on Sunday, April 22nd, 2018. An expert jury will  select  10  talents  for  the  sought-after  places  in  the  program. The scholarship starts on August 8th and ends on August 18th 2018.

Apply  here: 

What you can expect…. The participation fee, accommodation, travel expenses, hospitality (per  diem  of  10  )  will  be  covered  by  the  Goethe-Institut  for  the period of August 8th to August 18th, 2018. The Goethe-Institut will also book and pay for flights and will help with visa issues. Additionally, the Musicboard will give the talents a Festival Ticket free of charge plus  access  to  Pop-Kultur’s networking area for professionals, organize accommodation (breakfast  included), cover health insurance and public transportation in Berlin.
What we expect… Every participant should prepare a short input talk (approx. 10  min.) in advance about his/her  experience  in  the  music  field thus  far and  about the  music  scene  in  his/her  respective  country.
Advanced English skills are crucial as there is no translation available. You  will  be  tested  in  advance  by  the  local Goethe-Institut.
You need work experience in the field of music. We need proof of at least 3 projects.
You  have  to  cover  all  additional  expenses  that  might  occur  during  your  stay. All applications are for a one person. No  accompanying persons can be sponsored       or  included  in  the program.
If you do not board your booked flight or cancel the program on short notice, you    are obliged to reimburse the Goethe-Insititut and the Musicboard for any expenses accrued.
Apply  now!
Please  spread  the news!
We   are  looking  forward  to  receiving  lots  of  applications!

Julia  Gajewski
,  Coordination  Goethe Talents
Stella Roeber, Manager Talents Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs

Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs 2018  © Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs 2018