Goethe-Découverte 2021

Name: Nicaise Teossock
Künstler Name: Nicaise  Lauriane Teossock
Geburstdatum: 23-01-1995
Genre: world music
Wohnort: Yaoundé
Show am GI: 15.10.2021
Kontakt: nicaiseteossock@gmail.com

Nicaise Teossock was born in Balatchi, Western Cameroon in 1995. Early on her father, a music aficionado himself, introduces her to jazz, soul and blues and she continues to soak up all kinds of musical influences. Her project is called "Broken but hopeful" which is her manifest for a strong, rich and proud Africa that is open to the world. Nicaise does not shy away from big issues of Cameroonian society like immigration or social and identitary tensions. Her album, which songs are in English, French and Cameroonian national languages, is a window for anyone curious about the country and a testimony to the seemingly infinite variety of Cameroonian rhythms.

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