Support Programme for Professional Exchange

In order to promote the exchange of ideas among information professionals in Cameroon Goethe-Institut Kamerun launched a support program in 2011.

It targets librarians and archivists, with or without professional training who wish to enter into direct communication with their colleagues in other cities in order to improve their professional experiences.

The program is seen as a way of providing additional funding and aims mainly to cover participants’ inter-urban transportation costs.

The support consists in the payment of a lump sum of 50,000 F CFA under the following conditions:

  • All librarians and archivists, with or without professional training working in a library, archive or documentation centre of public interest and which are in Cameroon can benefit.
  • Acceptable reasons for travels: participation in training, observation of training, participation in activities aimed at strengthening professional structures, participation in projects in the field of information aimed at mutual benefit.
  • The length of stay is not specified. The distance between the workplace and the project location must exceed 100 km.
  • The Hosting structure must agree to the visit of the beneficiary.
  • Recipients of support should send a computerized project report no later than 30 days after their trip, containing useful information for all other colleagues to be published in the "Cameroon Libraries Newsletter»
  • A person can only  receive support once per calendar year. Non-formal requests shall be entitled "Request for support for professional exchange" plus the name of the applicant and sent by email to the department of Information and Library of the Goethe-Institut Kamerun.
  • The application must contain:
    • name, phone number and e-mail address of the applicant
    • Information on the type of work and the structure for which the applicant works.
    • Information on the purpose of travel and an overview of the activities planned during the trip.
    • A brief description of the usefulness of the proposed trip
    • Email address of the host structure with evidence of preliminary acceptance to host.
The application may be submitted in English, French or German.
The choice of language offers no advantage. The beneficiaries will be informed by phone