Creative Cities

Urban works of art, musicians and public performances, fashion trends, festivals and other artistic activities … All that can equally be found in the streets of our cities. Culture is everywhere, timeless and cannot be reduced to what takes place in established cultural institutions. On the contrary, real and authentic culture is also the one that we live and experience every day and sometimes shows itself in the most subtle forms. However we should maybe attach more value to it by expressing and mediating this culture which characterizes our country in day-to-day life in urban spaces. 

This is exactly what fifteen arts & culture journalists from twelve different countries in sub-Saharan Africa do in their articles on “Artistic creations in public urban spaces”, presenting cultural life of their city of residence by focusing on an artist, a project or by treating this subject from a general point of view. Those journalists participate at a network meeting on arts & culture journalism, taking place from 15th to 17th July 2015 in Yaoundé. This meeting is centered on the 3rd anniversary of the cultural journalists federation CAMAC (Cameroonian Art Critics) as well as the 5th anniversary of the monthly art magazine “Mosaïques” published by CAMAC. Moreover, the aim of this event is to promote the exchange between experts, to create and develop a professional network and to organize regional projects in the field of cultural journalism.