​A "Snake" in the performance

Born in 1990, several times winner of hip hop dance competitions, Snake, whose real name is Raoul TEJEUTSA Zobel, made a remarkable entry into the scene of art performance with his creations « Violence urbaine » (urban violence) and « Au-delà de l'humain » (beyond human nature). Under the banner of Cie Zora Snake, he carried out dance performances in some crossroads in the city of Yaoundé.

On June 26, the place called "Carrefour Mobile Omnisport" in Yaoundé, was transformed into a performance stage. Spectators in large numbers, novices for the most part, were clustered around the spectacle unfolding in front of them. It is in this busy place, whose daily activities seemed to have come to a halt, that Snake showcased for nearly twenty minutes his performance, "Urban Violence"; a dance performance portraying intellectual and physical massacres that artists undergo and bear deep down in their hearts. 

The execution of choreographed writing brings about much tension that strikes covenants’ minds with a certain established order.  Aesthetic research on creation draws on the symbolism of a saw (in the absence of a chainsaw), 30 litres of (artificial) blood contained in a bowl placed on a white carpet, a sign of the original purity of the artist. Each 5 litres of blood represents each limb, trunk and head of a human being. The blood refers to the fierce resistance up to the last drop of sweat. These accessories are the performer's discourse weapons which call for the improvement of human conditions, a break away from bad governance put in place by leaders.

In March 2015, this time at a place called "Carrefour Lycée bilingue" in Yaoundé, Snake presented his dance performance, "Au delà de l’humain", on the occasion of the 5th Anniversary of Laboratoire Othni, a creation that explores the double of each person, precisely the side relating to "talent"which characterises our manner of viewing, our gestures and our genius. Snake seeks this double to the frontier of the possible, of capabilities.

To Snake, the notion of space is closely linked to crossroads,the intersection of all comers. His particular affection for crossroads is not accidental. It is a constructive material of his performances. It offers him a moving scenography, a materiality of time. But more, crossroads are the final stage of public space judgement of the artist embarked in his freedom of speech to say the truth as he sees it; and to impact on people's consciences. Crossroads offer him the opportunity to get in contact with the public that is often excluded from conventional performance sites.

Coming from the world of hip hop dance creation, Snake's performances,from their dancing approach, attract more and more the attention of an informed public and critics.

Snake will perform on the stages of the Goethe-Institut in Cameroon and at the Mantsina Festival (Mantsina sur scène ) in Congo in December this year. New challenges in perspective.