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Science Slam Photo: Lena May

Science Slam Cameroon

On 2015 we started the very first Science Slam contest  in Cameroon. Several candidates met at the Goethe-Institut to present to the public their various scientific topics on a funny way.

The events are organized and presented by Lydol, the winner of the local contest Spoken Word, organized in 2013 by the Goethe-Institut. The very interesting combination of Poetry Slam and Science Slam has led to some pretty unusual presentations, but at the same time enthusiastically celebrated by the public
DAAD contributed to the evening's success by providing prizes for the winners.

Here come the tubes:

18.04.2015 "Adding Slam to Science"

28.11.2015 "Science makes laugh!"

14.05.2016 "Au delà des frontiéres"

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