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Since 2007, competent and committed teachers of German language have been trained as multipliers in Cameroon. On behalf of the German Language Cooperation (BKD) and in collaboration with the Cameroonian Ministry of Secondary Education, these teachers are active as trainers in all regions of Cameroon.

The aim is to improve the quality of German language teaching through an attractive and need-oriented continuous training programme. This is done by dealing with specific topics, which are determined after consultation with the national and regional inspectorate.

The multipliers
  • organise local continuous training seminars/workshops/sessions for teachers of German language (DaF)
  • impart didactical and methodological skills on current topics in the teaching of German as a foreign language (DaF)
  • promote cooperation between teachers of German language in different regions
  • network with colleagues and the Goethe-Institut (GI) via a learning platform.
In the summer of 2021, the multipliers successfully conducted four teacher camps of one week each in Bertoua and Bafoussam on behalf of the Goethe-Institut Kamerun, with a total of 80 participating teachers, on the themes "competence-based lesson planning" and "cooperative learning".
Other training sessions for teachers run by multipliers will take place this year, notably on the 23 October in Yaoundé and on the 13 November in Douala.

Please find the invitation letter for the 23 October
Einladungsschreiben Fortbildungstag für DaF-Lehrkräfte am 23.10.2021