PASCH Initiative

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PASCH Initiative supports some chosen schools as partners of Germany in Cameroon and Gabon, with the aim of enhancing teaching and learning of the German language. Thanks to numerous extra-curricular projects coupled with special offers, students learning German realize how learning can be done with joy and action, in a playing and exchanging atmosphere. Furthermore, through seminars and continuous training, partner school teachers also have the possibility of building-up their competences in pedagogy and didactics. PASCH Initiative is deeply engaged in teaching the German language in Cameroon and Gabon.

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Tag der deutschen Sprache am 05.12.2020

Der 20. Jahrestag der deutschen Sprache fand in diesem Jahr in einem besonderen Format statt. Am Samstag, den 5. Dezember 2020 versammelten sich neben den offiziellen Gästen aus der Deutschen Botschaft und dem Kameruner Erziehungsministerium 30 Schüler*innen und 15 Lehrkräfte von 15 verschiedenen Schulen aus dem Zentrum am Goethe-Institut in Yaoundé.

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" The world meets online - youth course digital "

From August 11 - 24, the best 22 German students* will work and study together in Yaoundé - Odza and at the same time meet online with the whole world.

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PASCH – think professional!

Finally, we have reached the most expected phase. The 24 students selected for internship from July 1, 2020 to September 18, 2020 in thirteen Companies of Yaounde, are impatient to start.

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Learning learning

Learning learning - a series of videos produced by the Goethe-Institut Kamerun that gives pupils and students tips on how to organize themselves and learn better.

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PASCH Day 2019

On 15 November 2019, the 5th PASCH Day took place in Lycée de Biyem-Assi and at that event, the 6 PASCH schools in Cameroon gathered.

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Methodological and didactic training in Gabon

The Goethe-Institut Cameroon invites 65 German teachers and 15 Master students of German Studies to the University of Oma Obongo in Libreville on 29 and 30 November to further their methodological and didactic training and to exchange experiences. 

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The head of Schools of the PASCH-Network met on 11th and 12th October 2019 in Yaoundé at the Goethe-Institut.

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JUKU/PAD from 4th to 6th October 2019

«Intense and warm moments!» was the seminar slogan for young fellows of the PAD and JUKU 2019 programmes.

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Kribi Camp 2019

In ten days, we have given ourselves the opportunity to think, act and learn differently.

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Pasch Camp Ghana 2019

„Everything good comes to an end!“ There are times you don’twant to see this end. 17 july 2019, this day marked the end of the great regional Camp, reuniting 58 Students from more than 20 countries in Subsahara Africa for about 10 days.

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Potato salad, Viennese sausage and “99 Luftballons”

Four days to get a brief overview of life in Germany; four days with the best German learners from all over Cameroon; four days of preparatory seminar for Germany. 

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PASCH Initiative 10 years already!

On the 24th of November 2018, the Goethe-Institut Cameroon commemorated the 10th anniversary of the PASCH initiative in a colourful ceremony; recording impressive results of the work done in Cameroon.

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10 years of PASCH

On July 15, 2018, a meeting was organised in Douala for the five students, winners of the "PASCH-Song" contest, to make alterations and harmonise their texts in order to jointly produce a new text for the "10 years of PASCH" song.

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PASCH summer regional camp

“Marmalade! Marmalade! Marmalade! ” This was the students’ slogan in the PASCH summer regional camp this year in Kribi, Cameroon. 

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The event "Retour aux Sources"

On February 10th, the event "Retour aux Sources" was celebrated in our partner school ''Collège Jean Tabi''. 

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The PASCH initiative schools, organised a cultural day on May 4th

Lycée de Nylon Ndog-Passi, one of the PASCH initiative schools, organised a cultural day on May 4th. The German department and other German clubs presented the results of the year and organized some activities for the whole school.

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PASCH-Tag zum ersten Mal in Gabun

Am 30 März 2017 fand am Institution Immaculée Conception der erste PASCH-Tag in der Gabuner Hauptstadt Libreville statt.

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PASCH-Tag 2017

Am 27. Januar 2017 fand der vierte PASCH-Tag am College Jean Tabi statt.