10 years of PASCH

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 "German unites, PASCH consolidates... We love PASCH!"
That evening, at about 10pm, one could still hear lyrics resonate in the Pmatts Records Studio.  Five students from Bafoussam and Douala worked together in recording a song for the PASCH initiative jubilee celebration marking 10 years of existence. 
On July 15, 2018, a meeting was organised in Douala for the five students, winners of the "PASCH-Song" contest, to make alterations and harmonise their texts in order to jointly produce a new text for the "10 years of PASCH" song.  This was done daylong, within the framework of a workshop on "Song writing" led by the talented slamming Lydol and Salatiel, the celebrated Cameroonian musician.

"10 years of PASCH, 10 years of cooperation between Germany and PASCH schools."
The text mostly reflects experiences lived and sgained by these students via the PASCH initiative. In the song, they clearly say what they understand by PASCH and highlight the perspective with which they perceive the initiative. 

 "German unites, PASCH consolidates... We love PASCH!"
The second day, serious matters began as the actual recording was to take place in a professional studio in Douala. On their way to the studio, the students were already reactivating their vocal cords by interpreting a gospel music. Unfortunately, recording could only start in the evening because of a sudden power cut of electricity (Blackout). Nevertheless, recording indeed took place up to 11pm, under the supervision of Salatiel who is not only a musician, but also a producer. Recording in a musical studio was an exciting new experience to these laureates.
After work, satisfied with the song obtained and feeling hunger, all those who took part in the realisation of the project had dinner together the last evening at midnight.
To listen to the final product, please click on this link.
Enjoy the song!

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"L'allemand unie, PASCH renforce ... nous aimons PASCH!"