PASCH -Summer camp in Kribi

Team Foto695 © Goethe-Institut Kamerun

“Marmalade! Marmalade! Marmalade! ” This was the students’ slogan in the PASCH summer regional camp this year in Kribi, Cameroon. For ten days, PASCH students from four African countries met and together, had German courses as well as trainings in circus, photography, Poetry Slam and jam-making.
On June 30, 2018, the 29 participants from Togo, Benin, Gabon and Cameroon arrived Kribi alongside their supervisors. The program started on Monday. In the morning, there was an interactive German lesson during which jam was made, among other things. In the afternoon, each student worked in their respective workshops. There were altogether four different workshops in which creativity was limitless.
In the photography workshop, students embarked on a voyage of discovery with Necmi Aydin, a professional photographer, to observe the environment via the camera and take pictures of the world’s beauty. Lydol, the slam artist was at the head of the Poetry Slam workshop. Young slammers made puns in German and French, and wrote poems on the themes “Exchange”, “Meeting and Love”. Students of the circus workshop learned to work with their bodies through minor acrobatic movements, dancing with artistic objects under the supervision of Marco and Vreni, experts in the domain, and together presented a small show at the end of their work. All the camp’s activities were documented by the journalism workshop. After a brief introduction on writing a journal, participants wrote their own articles which were compiled into a journal. During leisure period, the sea was the greatest attraction to each and every one. Those who had never seen the sea before were visibly fascinated. On the excursion day, students enjoyed walking along the beach, water splashing and many beach games. Before the excursion, everybody bought necessary equipment (sunglasses, beach wears and beach towels) from the Kribi small market.
The D-day for the Show finally came on July 9. All workshops presented results of their ten days intensive work: ocean waves, torch lamps, students’ exciting voices, final provisions, and the ball was set rolling. The Slams took us into the wonderland… The circus show recalled the most amazing moments of the Kribi camp, particularly the ambiance during the journey by bus. Pictures were exhibited in a different corner and were greatly admired given their originality. A visit to the PASCH magazine stand enabled each and every one to look again at their portrait in the journal and rediscover their daily tales during the ten days elapsed. At the end, everyone embarked on prolonging farewell bidding moments. Each and every participant took along, a jar of jam, and of course, a bag full of wonderful souvenirs.

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