The event "Retour aux Sources"

Retour aux sources695 ©Goethe Institut Kamerun

On February 10th, the event "Retour aux Sources" was celebrated in our partner school ''Collège Jean Tabi''. Through various presentations, the students showed the variety and the cultural diversity of their country with different costumes and traditional dances. The presentations of the individual groups were hinged on the motto, "Unity in Diversity", therefore a call to a life in peace and tolerance. Indeed, a PASCH group was present as well to symbolize the close ties between Cameroon and Germany. In view of the current political situation and considering the recurring unrest in the country, the consideration of the individuals in the community is very meaningful and the appeal for a peaceful and tolerant togetherness is valuable.
After the performances, the stands of the various disciplines were to be visited. The PASCH booth, through German-Cameroonian food, board games and outdoor games charmed the audience and gained a lot of attention.



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