Digitalisation: a Challenge for the Future

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This is the issue Mrs Thekla Worch-Ambara, the current director of Goethe-Institut Kamerun, addressed in her opening speech for the German language regional and national inspectors’ seminar. This event, which was held from 28 to 30 October 2020 at CAAP in Yaounde, brought together about 40 inspectors of the german language to discuss on the topic “E-Learning in the German language courses in Cameroon”.
Facilitated by Franziska Krieger, the German language inspectors from the 10 regions of the country had the opportunity to experience the digitalisation of German language teaching.
Throughout the training, these experts of German language teaching in Cameroon explored the concept and possibilities of E-learning, as well as the requirements and needs related thereto, considering the country’s social, economic, political and cultural environment. Some technical problems were experienced during the seminar which can be considered as part of digital teaching, but these did not prevent the group from achieving most of the set objectives.
The question of the relevance of distance learning courses has been taken into account. In the opening speeches as well as in the discussions, the current health crisis was mentioned as the main reason for the need for digitalisation of education. At the local level, Mr. Talla also sees the implementation of the digitalisation of education as a good opportunity: As an inspector of the German language in the North-West region, where a political conflict severely hinders the holding of courses in schools, he declared: “It is a good thing, especially for us who live in a region affected by the crisis.”
To make the digitalisation of education a full success, the participants discussed that the cameroonian governement as well as the inspectors, the teachers and the parents have to work together. Speaking on their behalf, Inspector Créscence Mvondo stated that: “With just a little support from the government, this project will be successful.” However, the inspectors have to share the acquired knowledge and skills with the german teachers in their respective regions.

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