JUKU/PAD from 4th to 6th October 2019

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«Intense and warm moments!» was the seminar slogan for young fellows of the PAD and JUKU 2019 programmes.
A few weeks after their journey on Goethe’s land, these students gathered in a post-trip seminar to share their experience of German language and culture at the Odza sports complex in Yaoundé.
The adventure began on 4 ocotober at 2 p.m., when some of the fellows arrived at the Goethe Institute and continued two hours later in a reunion full of laughs and hugs.
Morine, PASCH Fellow: “I met people who showed me that I have a place among them.”
Christiana, PAD Fellow: “It was like a dream, but it wasn’t a dream, it was reality.”
Dimitri, PASCH Fellow: “We were a big family, like brothers.”
On the second day, the respective representatives of the German Embassy Judith Gosmann and of the PASCH program Carola Dinnbier was expected to attend the seminar. For nearly two hours, the students presented souvenir pictures and with the ladies discussed several items of their journey such as meals, culture and racism.
Christelle, PASCH Fellow: “I made my dream come true. Before I used to say: I would like to go to Germany. Today I can say: I have been to Germany.”
Rosane, PASCH Fellow: “I always dreamed of going to the famous Köln Cathedral and everyone was laughing at me. But today I did it! Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you cannot!”
Alex, PASCH Fellow: “My mentor once told me: don’t ever be afraid to take responsibilities in your life, trust yourself!”
A second workshop was later held, focusing on fellows’ life expectations. The purpose of this exercise was to prepare them to face the different situations they may encounter after their Baccalaureate exam.
And since after the effort comes the comfort, the students were given a break with concert, songs, dances and various games.
Naïlla, PASCH Fellow: “It was simply the best experience of my life!”

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