Kribi Camp 2019

Bild2699 © Goethe-Institut Kamerun

In ten days, we have given ourselves the opportunity to think, act and learn differently.
Especially three things come to my mind when I think of the Kribi student camp:
Regarding the didactic point of view, we got the opportunity to learn and discover German differently than only through teacher-centred and frontal lessons. This has given us an occasion to reflect on our own place in our daily occurance in the classroom.
Through the established dynamic of working in groups in the camp, we had the perfect setting for exchanging personal views about the role of the new media in its relation to the world in general and our own relation with each other in particular. This reflection drew our attention among other things, on the fragility and complexity of social relations and how important it is to maintain an immediate relationship with the world and alterity.
However, the most important experience we had at the camp was that humans are better in developing a complete expression of themselves if they create a common space of action, as well as being solidary and having the space to not perceive cultural, verbal, ideological and social diversity as a threat but rather more as an enrichment. Especially in the context of the current political situation in Cameroon, this experience was of immense importance to us, coming from all four corners of Cameroon and Gabon. These moments were worth all the effort associated with organizing such a camp!
These joint moments may or may not evoke vocations. Anyhow, in ten days we have given ourselves the opportunity to think, act and learn differently. And these moments were worth all the effort.
Onésime Ndé (German teacher and workshop leader of journalism)