Potato salad, Viennese sausage and “99 Luftballons”

Kartoffel695 © Goethe-Institut Kamerun

Four days to get a brief overview of life in Germany; four days with the best German learners from all over Cameroon; four days of preparatory seminar for Germany. 
From 18 to 21 May 2019, the meeting of the 2019 German scholarship winners took place in Yaounde, Odza. Students came from many regions of Cameroon to prepare their trip together to Germany and meet the German bureaucracy for visa application. 
During a seminar, participants discussed on the themes “culture”, notably that of Germany and Cameroon, and intercultural aspects. They also expressed their expectations and ideas about their trip to Germany, which allowed them to discuss images they had about Germany. This phase is very important since JuKu and PAD scholars will be integrated into groups of students from all over the world. This often leads to small conflicts of cultural origin where only tolerance and understanding could help restore good unity. 
On Sunday 19 May 2019, students were invited to Mrs Judith Gosmann (Cultural Attaché at the German Embassy) and congratulated on their scholarships. With a potato salad and Viennese sausage on the table, the evening had already given a perfect insight into German culinary culture. It was only when the students performed Nena's “99 Luftballons” with a few dance steps that the evening got to its apex.
The students only have to prepare their documents and their stay in Germany. They will travel in August. We are impatiently waiting for the report students will bring to us on their return from Germany. For this time, farewells were accompanied by tears and many hugs/cuddles.