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A yellow thing, stays yellow, isn’t it ?!
The head of Schools of the PASCH-Network met on 11th and 12th October 2019 in Yaoundé at the Goethe-Institut.

„PASCH – projects – management – leadership and staff motivation...“These were the keywords of the conference with head of PASCH-Schools at Goethe-Institute Cameroon from the 11th to 12th october. Once a year, they meet to exchange to get to know better the initiative and the programme for the new school year, but also to discus the organisation of the programme in their own institutions. Besides discussing the topics concerning the PASCH-Initiative, this year they were offered a seminaire about „Management and Leadership“, where the role of a leader in school was discussed as well as how  to motivate your staff.
„What does PASCH exactly mean? How important is it for my school and where could we still creat syntheses? What kind of manager do we want to be? What kind of professional relationship do we want to build with our team?“ Furthermore, a discussion followed by the application of norms was very interesting. „What yellow is, stays yellow or isn’t it?".
The PASCH-Initiative is mostly concerned with the German departments and the german learners and teachers, but with the seminair it became obvious: For the work of the cooperation it’s necessary, that the head of schools know the Initiative well, to make it a full success.

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