PASCH Day 2019

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On 15 November 2019, the 5th PASCH Day took place in Lycée de Biyem-Assi and at that event, the 6 PASCH schools in Cameroon gathered.

White, red, blue, green, grey and orange were the colours of the 6 PASCH schools in Cameroon: Lycée de Biyem-Assi, Collège Jean-Tabi, Lycée de Bafoussam, Lycée de Bépanda, Ecole Sonara and Lycée de Nylon Ndog-Passi. Once a year, delegations from all PASCH schools meet to celebrate the anniversary of the initiative. This year, the Lycée de Biyem-Assi organised this special day, rich in emotions and cultural impressions. A colourful programme of songs, awards ceremonies, poetry slams, sketches and traditional dances were performed by the students. Two special guests from the Goethe-Institut travelled far to celebrate with us: the Secretary General of the Goethe-Institut from Munich and the Director of the Goethe-Institut for Sub-Saharan Africa, Johannesburg.
The official part of the programme was followed by a concert with the local artists Lydol, Ulrich Takam and Salatiel. The three came on stage in school uniforms from the Lycée de Biyem-Assi and moved all pupils with their jokes, slams and songs.
We were all happy and joyfull, because we were there for the PASCH Day, quoting the pupils from the PASCH delegation of Nylon Ndogpassi from Douala in their performance.


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