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Finally, we have reached the most expected phase. The 24 students selected for internship from July 1, 2020 to September 18, 2020 in thirteen Companies of Yaounde, are impatient to start. The candidates have been selected by the Goethe-Institute Kamerun and the companies through a professional application process.

It's time to think about it. For a year now, the Goethe-Institut Kamerun through the PASCH Initiative "Schools: Partners for the Future" has been planning to give students the opportunity to experience the professional world by means of internship.
The different internships are supposed to give them an opportunity to have a clue about reality of the professional milieu. Furthermore, it shows the long process of production, that money has to be earned and it might confirm or not their choices of career orientation. The "Professional Orientation" project was launched in 2019 and today it gathers 33 youths from “Seconde”, “Première” and “Terminale” of Lycée de Biyem Assi and College Jean Tabi. Several companies in Yaounde namely ; Cabinet GAD Consulting, Association CamRecy, Centre des Créateurs de Mode du Cameroun (CCMC), Touristique Colis et Courier Espress SA (TCCE) MAYA Foods, Hôtel Azur, Bliss International Holdings, Heaven Sound International, L'Honorat Photography, Globule Studio, Bia-Bia Film group ..., involved in varied fields have joined this adventure with the Goethe-Institut Kamerun.

The project aimed to prepare the future interns firstly on the content and preparation of their internship application files. After the selection of the interns, they have been prepared on the behaviour in the professional milieu in the second phase.

Finally, the students are waiting for their first day of internship and the opportunity to discover the mode of operation and ethics behind each profession.

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