Think Professional now in all of Cameroon’s PASCH schools

pasch695_new © Goethe-Institut Kamerun

The second round of the fantastic project “Think Professional” in Cameroon came to an end on October 2, 2021.
In three different cities over the country, all of the 85 interns from the 6 Cameroonian PASCH schools received their internship certificate and celebrated the end of round 2 of the project.
Think Professional was created to give pupils in Cameroon insights into work life for them to have a better idea about what they want to do after graduating from high school. In 2019, the project entered a pilot phase in two schools of the same city with 33 interns. Thanks to the success of this phase, lots of schools, companies, parents, and pupils wanted to participate in the next round. The second round was opened in 2020, and in the beginning the committee had to choose from more than 500 applications. July and August 2021 meant crunch time for the 35 partner companies, the team of Think Professional and the 85 interns as the 3-week internships were about to start.
The pupils made their first professional experiences in industries such as medicine, management, sound engineering, hotels, graphic design, informatics, customer service, logistics, journalism, technical services, fashion and many more. At the end of the internship, they assessed their own work using an internship report and an additional notebook.
The interns were given a certificate to document their experiences. We wish all them all the best for their career to come and we would also like to thank our partners for supporting the Cameroonian youth.