Workshop The German files in the National Archives of Cameroon

MAster Class Archives695 ©Goethe Institut Kamerun

Mon, 03.06.2019 -
Sat, 30.11.2019


Rue Joseph Mballa Eloumden (Rue 1.077)
B.P. 10 67 Yaoundé

Cameroon and Germany share a common past. The German colonial period is of great importance in the intellectual discourse and understanding of certain contemporary realities in Cameroon. However, the Cameroonian intellectual standpoint about this period remains underexplored because of language barriers and the lack of knowledge on palaeographic techniques. Added to this is the ignorance of the socioeconomic and political setting of both countries at that time. These explain the difficulty of exploiting original sources of information found in the National Archives and consequently, research avenues remain unexplored by students and researchers of academic institutions in Cameroon. The aim of this Master Class organised by the Goethe-Institut and the National Archives is to enable researchers to access and use historically rich documented sources and to exploit the German archives from a Cameroonian perspective.