Digital Offers for Theater/Dance Lovers

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Highlight #1
9 Movements Rimini Protokoll The main characters of non-fiction theatre Rimini Protokoll have developed an ultra-short audio piece for the home. “9 Movements” is a series of simple instructions that awaken your imagination. You will see ordinary things as if you met them for the first time. Stefan Kaegi and sound designer Niki Neecke have created an audio-tour for the place, where we spend most of our time these days: Home. Put on your headphones and listen to it with a mobile device here: . Both English and German versions are available.

Highlight #2
Kleiner Mann – was nun The Gorki stage is back! In order that no one has to suffer withdrawal symptoms during the theatre shutdown, Gorki Theatre is streaming recordings of their productions online. Every Wednesday at midnight Hong Kong time, a Gorki production will go on air for 24 hours. Remember to get a dose of Gorki once a week! Here, we would like to recommend the production “Kleiner Mann – was nun?” by Hans Fallada on May 20 to you: .

Highlight #3
The Vacuum Cleaner ©Berlin Theatertreffen Toshiki Okada examines the phenomenon "Hikikomori". It describes people who suffer from such strong social and capitalist pressures that they no longer leave their homes. The staging of "Münchner Kammerspiele" is part of the Theatertreffen 2020. Watch the production on May 9 (Sat) in German with English subtitles:

Highlight #4
Schaubühne © Schaubühne The Schaubühne offers an online substitute programme that includes TV recordings of productions from all decades, from the founding to the present day. The programme is available daily from 6.30 pm (German time) until midnight. Not to be missed!

Highlight #5
Rimini Protokoll © Rimini Protokoll Many of Rimini Protokoll’s shows are available online with English subtitles (or spoken in English). Some of the documentations have turned into independent film projects that are worth an evening of home-theatre. When was the last time that you participated in a RP’s performance in Hong Kong?

Highlight #6
Hamlet © Arno Declair Wichtig: Set your alarm clock for 12:30am tonight (April 1 into April 2) and watch Thomas Ostermeier’s directed work of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet recorded at the Court of Honour of the Palais des Papes, Festival d’Avignon in 2008. If you prefer to watch the show with English subtitles, click on the cc bar on the right side at the bottom of the video and choose “English subtitles”: .

Highlight #7
Sasha Waltz & Guests’ dance diary Since March 30th Sasha Waltz & Guests are writing an online dance diary: every few days a danced video-greeting will be sent to audience at home via Social Media, YouTube and Website. Dancers of Sasha Waltz & Guests will perform their own interpretation of short solos from the company’s repertoire. Ready to turn the page with Sasha Waltz & Guests? .

Highlight #8
Hamburg Kitchen Opera Members of the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra perform a 4-minute extra short version of Giusppe Verdi’s opera La Traviata playing in their kitchens (cooking pots double as drums): the main characters are incorporated by two chocolate cookies dancing on the kitchen table under a basilicum bush. Ultra hilarious! .

Highlight #9
Frühlingsstürme © OperaVision Frühlingsstürme (Spring Storms), the last operetta of the Weimar Republic, returns in a ravishing production of the Komische Oper Berlin. Created by the extremely successful Jewish-Czech composer Jaromir Weinberger, Frühlingsstürme was premiered on January 20, 1933 at the Admiralspalast in Berlin. Now, 87 years later, the curtain will be lifted again for Barrie Kosky’s new production! .

Highlight #10
Munich Marionette Theatre © Münchner Marionettentheater Theater for kids? Of course! The Munich Marionette Theatre presents an enchanting version of Mozart's Magic Flute for children - and you can even take a look behind the scenes and see how the marionettes are prepared for the performance. For the very young ones, there is the puppet theatre The Adventures of the Little Bear (from 4 years) starting from 10 April: . For the young-at-heart ones, here you could find the talented team behind this very creative theatre project: .

Highlight #11
Bayerische Staatsoper Following the cancellation of all performances at the Bavarian State Opera until the end of the 2019/20 season, individual performances are available as live streams or as video on demand at . Opera fans can now enjoy a number of spectacular operas including Portrait Wayne McGregor (until April 24) and Die Frau ohne Schatten (until April 25) by Richard Strauss on the internet. 

Time Specific Streams:
1) Münchner Kammerspiele
19.03. Susanne Kennedy „Drei Schwestern“
„The three sisters Masja, Olga and Irina dream of an exciting life in Moscow. At the same time, they remain afraid of their own finiteness and the fear that their lives will not change. Susanne Kennedy tries to free them from this situation by forming the timeline into a circle according to Nietzsche and letting the sisters experience every moment of their life again and again."

20.03. Yael Rohan „#Genesis“
“In #Genesis, Yael Rohan raises the question of the extent to which the biblical story of creation has shaped us and to what extent it affects the present.”

21.03. Stefan Kaegi/Thomas Melle „Unheimliches Tal/Uncanny Valley“
“In ‘Unheimliches Tal’, Stafan Kaegi copies the writer Thomas Melle in the form of a humanoid robot. In doing so, he asks the question of what will happen if the technology takes on one-to-one personality-defining characteristics of people such as facial expressions, gestures and language."

22.03 Christoph Rüping „Hamlet“
„Christopf Rüping brings the 400 years old story into the present. Thereby he describes Hamlet as a 17 years old man, who turns away from the world and urges those around him to do the same.”

2) Hebbel am Ufer (HAU)
19.03.-29.03. (evtl. länger in Mediathek verfügbar) Spy on Me #2

“The ‘Spy on Me’-festival will go into its second round after 2018 and, together with Berlin and international artists, will look for maneuvers for the digital present. Performances, interactive room installations and discourse events examine the complex effects of digital social transformation."

ab 19.03. ‘El estado opresor es un macho violador‘ – Von Chile über Indien bis Deutschland.
Geschichten von Frauen und Gewalt

"On the occasion of the book presentation 'AktenEinsicht. Stories of women and violence’ the Chilean collective LASTESIS is visiting the HAU to discuss violence against women, jurisprudence and forms of resistance with the author and family lawyer Christina Clemm and the Indian women's rights lawyer Prasanna Gettu.”

18.03.-21.03 Jan-Christoph Gockel „Ljod-Das Eis-Die Trilogie“ (Staatstheater Mainz)

"In the trilogy" Ljod - Das Eis "," Bro "and" 23,000 "put on stage by Jan-Christoph Gockel, the Russian author Vladimir Sorokin tells the weird story of a secret society of chosen people, who quite cruelly make their way through the 20th Century to freeing the earth from its evil."

4) Bayerische Staatsoper
14.03.-28.03. Guiseppe Verdi „Il Trovatore“ (mit Anja Harteros u. Jonas Kaufmann)

“In ‘Il Trovatore’ Verdi is concerned with the motive of revenge. He approaches this by turning away from a coherent narrative and taking on a variation of suggestive musical images”

11.03.-26.03. Bélla Bartók „Judith/Herzog Blaubarts Burg (mit Nina Stemme u. John Lundgren)
“In Béla Bartók's version of the Bluebear, the duke giving the title gives his newlyweds three more times to turn around. Then Duke Bluebeard's gates close behind the two, and Judith's fate is sealed. Béla Baláz's libretto condenses the doom of love with great poetic power.”

21.03.-22.03. Georges Balanchine „Jewels“
“Jewels" is a full-length ballet that is not carried by a story, but by pure, polished dance."

25.03.-08.04. Gaetano Donizetti „Lucia di Lammermoor“
"Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor is not a private love tragedy, but an eminently political story that shows how a system of power deforms human relationships and ultimately tears them apart."

5) Staatsoper Berlin
19.03. Georges Bizet „Carmen“
“A tragically ending Opéra comique that brings the eternal play of passionate love and excruciating jealousy to the stage.”

20.03. Luigi Cherubini „Medea“
"An ancient myth and yet noticeably up-to-date: Medea, originating from the periphery of the known world and obviously a stranger in the civilized country, disturbs peace and order, becomes a hateful angel of revenge that brings death and destruction."

Non Time Specific Streams:
1) Residenztheater München
Diary of a closed theatre

2) Berliner Ensemble
Simon Stone „Eine griechische Trilogie“
"With the tragedy machine, ZDFKultur becomes a stage for the ensemble of Simon Stone's theater work and the spectator himself a dramaturge"

3) Spectyou
Digital platform for theatre, dance and performance.

4) „Bühnenwelt“ (Youtube-Kanal)

5) RBB
General RBB culture streaming page