Open Call for Artists

Open Call for Artists: Workshop on Technology and Art © Goethe-Institut China

Workshop on Technology and Art

For an international exhibition project in Beijing, Seoul, and Europe, we are looking for emerging artists who are interested in contemporary technology and applications of artificial intelligence, both as a medium for artistic practice and as a topic for reflection and critique.

About the Idea

Technology makes our daily lives more convenient in many different ways. But, in being a convenience, it also takes away the potential for actions that used to be in the human domain. Actions and decisions that have traditionally been a prerogative of humans are increasingly handed over to networked digital technologies and so-called “artificial intelligence”, a term that is used to describe the processes carried out by machine learning applications and cognitive computing. Observers have noted that some of the most interesting developments are currently taking place in China and South Korea, slowly shifting the focus from Silicon Valley to other global protagonists.

It is one of the defining characteristics of AI technologies that they rely on large amounts of data: they get better as the size of accessible datasets increases. But what does it mean when consumer applications and the companies that develop them have access to the data of large parts of a population? This is not least an issue that concerns the relationship between the individual, technology, and society: It is an inherently political question. The technologies that quietly reshape these relations tend to disappear behind user-friendly, intuitive surfaces, and the interfaces that have come to define our daily lives. While end-users continue to view themselves as acting subjects, it becomes increasingly difficult to determine who or what is actually in control.

Questions we would like participating artists to consider:
  • In what way can “autonomous technology” be said to replace human action with self-learning machines? How can these processes be described and made detectable? What are possible responses?
  • How can the simulation of intelligence be represented?
  • Can the instability that is constitutive for human decisions, principally be quantified or computed?
  • Where and how does technology delimit and replace social interaction?

About the Application

The exhibition is produced by the Goethe-Institut and will be shown in Bejing, Seoul and Germany. We would like to invite you to participate in a workshop for developing ideas that can be realised in the exhibition. The workshop will be held on the 2nd of July at the Goethe-Institut in Beijing. Please send your written proposal, no longer than one page, to Your proposal shall be written in English and/or Chinese. Both individual and collaborative projects are welcome!  Please apply early so we have the time to go through all applications. Entry deadline is the June 26, 2017. Please note that later applications can’t be considered anymore.


If you would like to participate or want to learn more please contact us at: