Round Table Round Table for Jannis Schulze

So, 12.07.2015


12.07.2015 5pm at I: project space

I: project space will welcome it’s new artist-in-residence Jannis Schulze at the beginning of July. The residency for photographers is a collaboration between the Goethe Institute and I: project space.

Jannis Schulze is young photographer from Germany, working with photography, text, video and interviews and recently got awarded with the “Gute Aussichten” photography prize. He is planning to work with meaning of and the mythology of the wind and its connection to the development of China today.

The artist talk with Jannis Schulze is a chance to hear more about his previous works, but also to open up the dialogue for him with the Beijing Creative scene. Therefore the evening will be a casual conversation about Jannis´s work and sharing each others projects and thoughts. Everybody is welcome to talk about project or new works and will get five to ten Minutes to present them. Let’s get connected!