Gespräch Games - Where Art and Creative Industry meet

Where Art and Creative Industry meet © jeshoots

Datum: Sa., 27.04.2019, 15:00 - 17:00

Abteilung Kultur und Bildung

101 Cross Tower, 318 Fu Zhou Road

During the exhibition “Games and Politics”, the Department of Cultural and Education of the German Consulate General Shanghai will arrange a number of activities and invite visitors to be active participants.

On April 27, 2019, a public dialogue entitled "Games - Where Art and Creative Industries meet" will be held in the space of the gaming exhibition at the Department of Cultural and Education. Mr. Zhang Jian, chief expert in developing game software at the game department of NetEase and Mr. Gao Jie, artist who lives and works in Shanghai and Paris, are invited to be the speakers, and will discuss the topic from their own professional perspectives.

In the discussion Mr. Zhang Jian will introduce the main developing phases of the game industry: Phase of PC single player game, Phase of introduction of PC online games from abroad, Phase of self-developed online games, Phase I of mobile games, Phase II and III of mobile games, and discuss with Gao Jie about the influence that the game industry has exerted on the development of society, for example, games provide a cheap, relaxing way of entertainment as well as another world for young people to socialize, games have promoted other industries to run a more innovative, playful business and the electronic sports have driven young people’s sportsmanship. Game designers and developers are turning to new topics and audiences. Nowadays, when we talk about games, it is not just about commercial games. Over the last decades Video games have established themselves, and are recognized as an own art form. Artists use the medium to release their functionality for observation and explore the limits of the game. Even museums discover the computer game as a cultural asset that has to be collected and preserved. Mr. Gao Jie will on the other hand expound on the following topics: What is Art4A.I (Art for A.I.)? What’s the purpose of life? Is labour human nature or a fraud? Art is a sort of game. Art is an “infinite game”. The game of throne. The game of aesthetics. Public domain and the banality of evil. Entertainment and apathy. What can one do under the dominant capital?

The two speakers will have an in-depth discussion under the theme of 'games--the encounter between art and creative industries' and raise more relevant topics.

Zhang Jian

Zhang Jian © Zhang Jian Zhang Jian holds a Master of Applied Science in Computer Engineering at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada). He started his career with strong entrepreneur spirit. He was the Vice President of Yoozoo and Founder of Xuebao Games. Since 2014, he has been delving into the game developing industry and currently works as the chief expert in developing game software at the game department of NetEase.

Gao Jie
Gao Jie © Gao Jie Based in Shanghai and Paris, Gao Jie has produced manifold works including paintings, sculptures, installations, videos, mobile games and AI programmes. He also writes articles for websites, books, exhibitions, magazines and core journals. The most recent exhibitions in which his works have been shown include the solo exhibition “GAO Jié People’s Publishing House” at U26 (Shanghai, China), group exhibitions “Rituals in Rituals of the Future” at McaM (Shanghai, China) and “How Now” at How Art Museum (Shanghai, China). ‘‘Art4A.I. 1.0’’ and ‘‘Art4A.I. 2.0’’ are also art projects created by the artist Gao Jie, consisting of a series of artworks and conversations. Art4A.I. is the abbreviation of Art for A.I., which denotes the art created for the appreciation of artificial intelligence.