Gespräch Dance, Play, Fight! Gaming as Art and Cultural Practice

Gaming as Art and Cultural Practice © Lu Yang

Datum: Sa., 04.05.2019, 15:00 - 17:00

Abteilung Kultur und Bildung

101 Cross Tower, 318 Fu Zhou Road

On Mai 04, 2019, a public dialogue entitled "Dance, Play, Fight! Gaming as Art and Cultural Practice" will be held at the Department of Culture and Education as a follow-up talk to our previous Gaming exhibition "Games and Politics". New Media Artist Ms. Lu Yang and Mr. Christian Huberts, who is a freelance editor, a curator, and an associate producer for the game development studio waza!, are invited as speakers. In post-network era, the ways of expression diversify, and games as a new possible art form gain more and more attention. Just as body language used in dance and the pursuit of strategy, engineering and skills involved in fight, video games also have their own unique means of representation. The two speakers will conduct in-depth discussions on the theme of games as art and cultural practice from their own professional perspective and lead a more open and diverse discussion of topics, which may involve the internet, communication platforms, diversity, war, military and other related fields in games. Based on her own experience in art creation, Ms. Lu Yang will share her views in the discussion on games and the various elements involved in her work: she is adept in using images, installations, animations and video games to explore the essence of life and existence. Mr. Christian Huberts has extensive experience in game commentary and has experience in game development. In the discussion he will combine aesthetic and cultural theory to explain how can people organically understand both the form and content of the game. 

Lu Yang Lu Yang © Ren Anyi
Lu Yang creates fantastical, often morbid and shocking visions of death, sexuality (or a-sexuality), mental illness, and neurological constructs of both real lifeforms and deities. Deeply immersed in the subcultures of anime, video games, and sci-fi, Lu Yang’s output spans 3D-animated films, video game-like installations, holograms, neon, VR and even software manipulation, often with Japanese manga and anime references. Music — electronic and always frenzied — features prominently. Lu Yang’s works involve frequent collaborations with performers, designers, experimental composers, robot companies, and idol stars. Lu Yang has been featured in important solo and group exhibitions at venues such as the UCCA (Beijing), Centre Pompidou (Paris), M woods museum (Beijing), Spiral (Tokyo), Chronus Art Center (Shanghai), Momentum (Berlin), MOCA Cleveland USA (Cleveland), and Tampa Museum of Art (Tampa). Lu Yang also participated in numerous Biennales such as: Shanghai Biennale 2018 & 2012, Athens Biennale 2018, Liverpool Biennial 2016, Montreal International Digital Art Biennial 2016, 56th Venice Biennale China Pavilion 2015, and Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale 2014.

Christian Huberts Christian Huberts © Christian Huberts Christian Huberts is a freelance editor, a curator, and an associate producer for the game development studio waza!.He has regular appearances as an expert for digital games at culture conferences and workshops worldwide. He lectures Game Studies at the University of Applied Science Europe in Berlin and most recently published the game studies anthology "Zwischen|Welten: Atmosphären im Computerspiel". In addition, he writes articles for newspapers, scientific publications and cultural magazines about the participation in digital worlds and the culture of video games.