Goethe Open Space 2020 Cyborg Archaeological Laboratory


Opening Time: Fri., 27.03.2020, 18:30

Abteilung Kultur und Bildung

101 Cross Tower, 318 Fu Zhou Road

 Cyborg Archaeological Laboratory Poster

On 27 March 2020, Goethe Open Space 2020 launched the solo exhibition Cyborg Archaeological Laboratory of artist Pan Zishen, which builds an imaginary laboratory site, implanting the atmosphere and situational field of a "Fictional Archaeology", leading the audience to imagine and predict how people in the "far future" look back and study our current early Cyborg society stage. In this online opening live-stream Pan Zishen together with her curator Zhang Ting will guide you through the exhibition, introduce you the main concepts, and explain the art objects, installation and video works such as Bond (2019), Fission (2019), Equable Temperament Series (2018), also Floating (2019) and Seed Chips (2019). All these art works comprehensively convey a nostalgic display of Cyborg imagery.


Exhibition Duration
Starting from 30 March 2020, Cyborg Archaeological Laboratory is open for public. You can experience this exhibition physically with all your senses by visiting our institute. Each hour we allow a maximum of three people to enter exclusively the exhibition space. Green Shanghai QR Code, mask, and temperature check are required. Please choose your preferred time slot in advanced and register online via Huodongxing. (Link: http://hdxu.cn/CV8kS)

Pan Zishen © Pan Zishen Pan Zishen was born in Zhejiang, Taizhou in 1984. She graduated from the Fourth Studio of Oil Painting Department of The China Academy of Art in 2007 and received a Bachelor of Arts degree. In 2014, she graduated from the space multimedia studio of cross media department of the China Academy of Art, and received a Master of Arts degree.

Zhang Ting © Zhang Ting Curator Zhang Ting is a lecturer in the China Academy of Art since 2001. She is currently a PhD candidate in Museology, also an independent curator. Exhibitions curated and co-curated by Zhang Ting have been national and international, such as China Direct Import-collateral exhibition of Auckland Art Fair, Auckland, New Zealand; Material Consequences--Ceramic Art from China, Norway, Denmark and Canada, Kunstgarasjen-Bergen Norway; 4th Documentary Exhibition of Fine Arts\STRESS FIELD, Hubei Museum of Art; new talents-biennale cologne in Cologne, Germany; Wall, No Walls, United Art Museum, Wuhan; The Artist is not Present, Art is Present, Wu Zuoren International Art Foundation.