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Time: Wed, 16.09.2020, 19:00

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Black Diamonds 

Color, 98 Min., 2013

Diamantes Negros tells the long journey undertaken by two young boys from Mali who arrive in Spain after being persuaded to pursue their dream of escaping from poverty by becoming professional football players.
Miguel Alcantud was born in 1971 in Cartagena, Murcia, Spain. He is a director and writer, creator of the successful theatrical format "Microteatro por money", of which he is also the artistic director and for which he has been nominated for the VII Valle-Inclán Prize. He is known for Black Diamonds (2013), Impulses (2002) and Anastezsi (2007).

Movie Review
"For a global, multitudinous activity, with so many commercial, economic, social, cultural and even political interests as nowadays the football is, it is easy to be bothered, and a bitter dark side full of nightmares can be found. Diamantes negros (Black Diamonds) is the third movie brought by Miguel Alcantud, and it covers one of this mentioned interests, resulting in a worthy social movie, dealing with a topic never told before: the black market growing around the African teenagers who deluded themselves, brought to Europe by manager-dressed mafias, under the promise of triumph which most of the times ends up as a kind of ball-kicking human trafficking, and having deceit as common thread.”
An extract from the review of Javier Ocaña, from the journal El País.