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A Change in Perspective – Residency Programmes of the Goethe-Institut China

Through its residency programmes, the Goethe-Institut seeks to provide a space for new perspectives. Particularly in the age of globalisation, it is especially inspiring for artists and culture producers to ground their works in specific, real places and to pursue their projects for a while, free from economic considerations and to build up or deepen lasting professional contacts.

Each year, with its residency programmes and their variety of focuses, the Goethe-Institut China offers artists and other culture creators opportunities to live and work in China for a period of time. The residency programme’s focus is not on one-time presentations. Instead, the projects’ success and significance become evident in long-term exchange and lasting co-operation between the artists.

Residency Programmes in China


Performing Arts

Visual arts


In association with I: Project Space, the Goethe-Institut China will be holding two residency programmes for performing and visual artists in 2019. During a three-month residency, artists from Germany will have an opportunity to work on their own China-related projects, take in new artistic stimuli and make contact with Chinese creative artists. They may present their projects afterwards if they like, but are not required to produce any concrete results.

Performing arts:1 March–30 May 2019
Visual arts: 1 September–30 November 2019

Hong Kong


Artists-in-Residence Programm „Berlin – Hong Kong 24/7“

“Hong Kong – Berlin 24/7” artists-in-residence programme allows one Hong Kong film professional to live in Berlin for 2 months and on the other hand one filmmaker from Berlin-Brandenburg to stay in Hong Kong - so they can develop their projects and learn about the film industry in their guest cities.


Visual arts

Art Residency Program in Taipei Artist Village

The Cultural Department of the state capital Munich, Goethe-Institute Taipei, the Apartment of Art and the Taipei Culture Foundation (Taipei Artist Village) are offering an art residency program for Munich artists in Taipei. The residency program will be a two-month stay in July / August 2017 and include solo exhibitions in the Taipei Artist Village and in the Apartment of Art in Munich. It is part of an exchange program between Munich and Taipei from 2017 to 2019 which enables a Taiwanese artist both a stay as an artist-in-residence in the Ebenböckhaus and a solo exhibition in the Apartment of Art in Munich.



Artists-in-Residence Programm "Cultures in Contact"

The Goethe-Institut China is running a residency programme in 2018 called “Cultures in Contact – Artists in Residence” in association with the German-Chinese Institute for Intercultural German Studies and Culture Comparison at the University of Göttingen and the German Studies Department at Nanjing University. The programme enables a Chinese writer and a German writer to immerse themselves in each other’s culture for two months. Each writer-in-residence has an opportunity to get to know the host country’s cultural scene and draw inspiration for their own literary work from a foreign environment. Furthermore, they will meet with local creative writers and students to discuss prospects for German-Chinese intercultural communication.

Residency in Göttingen: 15 May - 15 July 2018
Residency in Nanjing: 15 September – 15 November 2018


Visual arts

Art science and literature

Residency programmes in Shanghai

Our joint residency programme with am art space in 2017 is open to art historians, academics in related disciplines and writers, who for six weeks from October to November 2017 can develop their projects together with Chinese partners at am art space and come up with new research topics and insights through intercultural exchange

This year, our cooperation with the Institute of Design of the China Academy of Art once again offers an artist the opportunity to pursue their China-related project in a three-month residency in Shanghai from September to December 2017.

Both programmes are intended to contribute to intercultural understanding between China and Germany. They should promote dialogue and joint reflection, with a focus on the creative potential of intercultural cooperation.

The deadline for applications for both programmes is 31 May 2017.


Visual Arts

Artists-in-Residence in Cooperation with the A4 Art Museum in Chengdu


Media Arts

Media Artist-in-Residence in Munich

The Goethe-Institut China and the Muffatwerk are offering a residency in Munich for Chinese media artists in the spring of 2019. This one-month programme will give artists from China an opportunity to work on projects of their own, to draw on new sources of artistic inspiration and to come into contact with German creative artists. If so requested by an artist-in-residence and deemed feasible by the hosts, the artist’s project may be presented to the public, but there is no obligation on either party to arrange such a presentation.

Residency in Munich: 4–29 March 2019


China Residencies

Further Residencies in China

China Residencies

is a non-profit platform founded by Crystal Ruth Bell and Kira Simon-Kennedy with following 3 missions:
1. To create a free directory and resource-filled platform for visiting artists and hosting organizations.
2. Map and research residencies across mainland China & Hong Kong to strengthen the global field of arts residencies.
3. Advise existing and envisioned residency programs to foster robust and sustainable creative exchange.



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