Frequently asked questions

General information

Artists-in-residence are not required to produce a finished work during their residency. They can develop and possibly complete their own projects as they see fit. However, they are expected to take part in internal and public events in Beijing and to be open-minded and receptive towards the host country and its culture.
Residency programmes take place annually, though not necessarily in the same form every year.
One residency is available for each discipline.
Performing arts: Dance, set design, playwriting, music theatre, performance art, acting, directing, choreography
Visual arts: Photography, painting, drawing, graphic design, sculpture, handicrafts, installations, multimedia
Besides the Goethe-Institut Beijing programme, there are a number of other residencies available in China.
Funding is also available through the Goethe-Institut’s programme to promote promising young talents  and through our International Coproduction Fund.
You can also apply to Germany’s Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (Foreign Relations Institute) to obtain funding for your project in China.


Yes, students are eligible, provided they can produce samples of their work and have already been published or performed.
Yes, duos and collectives are also eligible for a residency. In this case the €1200 monthly cost-of-living allowance will be divided up by the two or more partners. But most of the apartments are only big enough and furnished for one person. However, the Goethe-Institut Beijing will be glad to help you look for other housing. The cost of additional airfare and visa in this case can be covered by the Goethe-Institut Beijing for one other person. Any other costs have to be covered by the persons concerned.
Former Goethe-Institut Beijing artists-in-residence are not allowed to re-apply for a residency.
Our residency programme is mainly intended for promising young artists, hence the cut-off age of 40 years of age. However, artists over 40 are still eligible for a residency. Age is actually only a secondary factor in the jury’s final selection, which is based on the artist’s merits.
You will be notified of the jury’s decision by e-mail within a month after the deadline for applications.
The jury will notify applicants of their decision in writing, though without giving any reasons.


As a rule, you are perfectly free to travel to Beijing with your partner and/or family. But most of the apartments are only big enough and furnished for one person. However, the Goethe-Institut Beijing will be glad to help you look for other housing.
Please consult the German Foreign Office’s website for the current entry requirements for German nationals and other useful travel information (in German).
Bear in mind that you must apply for a visa yourself. The Goethe-Institut Beijing will issue you a letter of invitation. For more information about applying for a Chinese visa please visit the China Visa Application Service Center's website
The Goethe-Institut Beijing will help you plan your journey to China and book the flights there and back for you. The partner institution responsible for your residency will arrange for you to be collected at the airport.
The Goethe-Institut Beijing will organize a one-month coaching programme including an introduction to the Chinese art scene. The programme is run by an art agency or experienced curators.
Ask your insurer in Germany about health insurance coverage before travelling to China. Make sure you have insurance coverage for accidents, too, for the duration of your stay abroad; the programme does not cover your insurance.
Residencies in Beijing are available only in the specified periods and, due to contractual arrangements with our partners, cannot be rescheduled. Each residency is of three months’ duration.
The Goethe-Institut Beijing will make a rehearsal room available, as needed, by prior individual arrangement.