Residency Programmes in Taipei

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The Cultural Department of the state capital Munich, Goethe-Institute Taipei, the Apartment of Art and the Taipei Culture Foundation (Taipei Artist Village) are offering an art residency program for Munich artists in Taipei. The residency program will be a two-month stay. It is part of an exchange program between Munich and Taipei from 2017 to 2019 which enables a Taiwanese artist both a stay as an artist-in-residence in the Ebenböckhaus and a solo exhibition in the Apartment of Art in Munich.

Residence Program in Taipei Artist Village

Professional visual artists from Munich and Munich’s suburban area can now apply for the residence

visual arts (including design, film, sound/video, performance, photography)
  • Financing of international arrival and departure costs (Munich – Taipei - Munich)
  • Provision of living subsidies in Taipei for two months (in the amount of 1000 euros per month)
  • Work space
  • Solo exhibition in Taipei (Taipei Artist Village) and, if necessary, support through the Goethe-Institute Taipei
  • Solo exhibition in the Apartment of Art, Munich (4 weeks) which referees to the experiences made in Taipei.
Applications shall be made in German and English and shall contain the following documents:
  • Application letter and project plan: Please describe your motivation to a maximum of one page for participation in the residency program
  • CV
  • Structured Portfolio
Applications are accepted only by e-mail. Please send your application in PDF format before the deadline to the following addresses: (cc)

Application Deadline: 30th September 2017

Residence program in "Apartment der Kunst" (Munich)

This Year the "Taipei Culture Foundation" and "Apartment der Kunst" (Munich) offer artists from Taiwan the opportunity to participate in an exhibition and residence program in Munich. Taiwanese artists can now apply for the residence.

Visual Arts
June and July 2018
  • Providing accommodation costs
  • Financing of workstations and exhibition space
  • The artist receives the opportunity to present his works in the form of an exhibition to the German public.
Application link:

Application Deadline:June 30th 2017